Wategos Turquoise Threaders

  • $55.00

18k gold plated threader earrings featuring little faceted crystal points. 

As each crystal is unique in its own way makes these so much for special and individual for the wearer.

These little lovelies are versatile and can be worn in so many different ways...the possibilities are endless! They look great with hair tied behind the ears or a messy up do to keep the focus on these jewels.

Turquoise is the stone for you if you want some more zen in your life as it is a calming stone so wearing these threaders will bring you a chill vibe. In addition it is the stone of friendship so great gift for your bestie.

  • Electroplated bullets that measure 1.2cm/0.5"
  • Gold plated threader chains
  • Earrings measure 11.5cm/4.6"
  • Please note that stones are natural so each stone may vary very slightly

Also available in Gold Turquoise & Silver Rose Quartz

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