About Us

Gypsies of Summer was founded in 2017 by Kristy Flynn on the Northern Beaches of Sydney as she found it was hard to find beautiful everyday pieces of Jewellery that were a bit different to what everyone else had yet were still on trend.

Hand making pieces herself using high quality materials such a 14k gold fill chains, sterling silver & semi precious stones. She wanted to create beautiful bohemian inspired pieces that you can wear whilst making indescribable memories, taking a thousand pictures & living your best life!

The incorporation of crystals in the collections were important as she believes in the healing power of crystals which is why each crystal is cleansed under the full moon & in the ocean then programmed with love & good vibes to pass onto the wearer.

The stones were collected from her travels around the world & the connections she made there. While travelling she always bought a piece of jewellery that reflected that country & that's where she had to idea to incorporate the beautiful pieces from other talented artisans into Gypsies of Summer which you can see in the collections.

Gypsies of Summer jewels will make you feel like everyday is a Summer Holiday xxx