Wategos Amethyst Threaders

  • $55.00

18k gold plated threader earrings featuring tiny little faceted natural crystal points.. As each crystal is unique in its own way this makes it so much more special & individual for the wearer.

These little lovelies are versatile & can worn in so many different ways...the possibilities are endless! They look great with hair tucked behind the ears or a messy up do to keep the focus on these jewels.

Amethyst is the perfect stone for anyone looking to create harmony around them as it keeps away negativity, sadness & depression. Also good for those who overindulge on anything as it helps keep cravings at bay & aids in overcoming addiction. 

  •  Electroplated tiny crystal points measuring 1.2cm/0.5"
  •  18k Gold plated chains.
  •  Earrings measure 11.5cm/4.6"
  •   Arrives in a beautiful gift box with care instructions.

Also available in Silver Rose Quartz & Gold Turquoise

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