Airlie Necklace

  • $75.00

The clear quartz and gold combination of this necklace makes it a timeless classic piece that will go with whatever you match it with!

The clear quartz stone has more than its beauty to offer it is known as the master healer as it stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance.

Our Airlie Necklace is perfect if you lack direction or are feeling a little lost in life as it amplifies energy for intention & purpose helping you find and acknowledge your unique gifts you have to offer the world

  • Clear quartz pendant electroplated in gold measuring approx. 2.5cm - 2.75cm (0.98 inches - 1.08 inches)
  • 14k gold filled chain measuring 16 inches
  • Handmade with love
  • Arrives to you in a beautiful gift box with care instructions
  • Please note each crystal is individual and unique so size & shape may vary very slightly from pictures. Also clear quartz naturally can contain little vein crackles & perfectly imperfect imperfection but this makes it even more special & distinctive for you :)


>>> About Gold Fill <<<

Gold filled jewels contain 100+ times more real gold than gold plated jewels and is very durable and can last a very long time if cared for properly, due to sheets of gold being mechanically bonded to the base as opposed to gold plated where the gold is sprayed on or dipped onto the base.

Gold filled jewelry is a beautiful, affordable alternative to solid gold.

Each pieces comes with a set of care instructions which we recommend following to get the most longevity out of your new treasure.

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