Gold Coast Necklace

  • $60.00

With its stunning rainbow orange hues & golden 14k gold fill these unique shaped Druzy necklaces will bring a sparkle to your life!

The limited edition pieces are each so individual you will never see anybody else with the same special necklace.

This Gold Coast beauty is perfect if you are someone that is indecisive or about to make a big decision as the Druzy stone brings clarity to the mind & balances the chakras. It also amplifies strength & energy.

  • Rainbow orange Druzy crystal stones electroplated in gold.
  • Crystal pendants measure between 2.5cm - 3.25cm.
  • 16.5" 14k gold filled chain.
  • Each piece is unique & one of a kind.
  • Please note these stones are very 3D not flat.

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